Who We Are

Our passion is dance!  We know dance will help our youth, who may not feature in the more traditional school sports, to shine and build their     self-esteem and in this way we would be doing our communities and country a great service.

It is with this in mind that the Street Dance Association was formed.  The SDA is a Non Profit Company (NPC) and has the endorsement of DanceSport SA, World Dance Sport Federation and SASCOC.  SDA launched the Dance Sport School League (DSSL) to address the need for a formal, recognised platform to showcase our many talented dancers within the South African Schools’ system. 

Through our association with Dance Sport SA our DSSL students will now have the opportunity to obtain school colours, provincial colours and  eventually  be part of an official “PROTEA” dance team who will be able to compete at the Olympics  and other international events.

By becoming part of the DSSL,  schools will be creating a healthy lifestyle for those children who don’t fit the normal sport type. 

This will help build their self-esteem by making them feel part of the “sporting crowd”.

This sport is not only for the wealthy and the fit – but for all shapes and sizes – both male and female,

but most importantly dance cuts across class and race – it is uniting and bonding.

You can be part of this and make it happen.

Meet Our Team!


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Co-Founder & Chairman

I’m a five time Street Dance World champion choreographer and coach, an international adjudicator, and generally just a dance and music fanatic at work!

I am on the task force of the World DanceSport Federation working on new dance styles.

I am owner of  DanceWeb Studios which is run in both Gauteng and KZN.   I enjoy choreographing to any music – I love creating out-of-the-box movement and show stopper  routines!

I have worked on numerous competitions, advertisements, music videos, corporate events, flash mobs as well as being Dance Consultant for the soon-to-released dance movie “Pop, Lock and Roll”.

The youth of this country inspire me to be the best at what I do. You will find me at DanceWeb everyday, teaching, coaching, choreographing hip hop, new school and salsa.

This DSSL is the next step in bringing dance to the people and I am loving being instrumental in making this happen.



Co-Founder & National Secretary

I have been in the marketing, event and promotions business for the past 20 years . I have worked for big corporates since 1984 and for the past 11 years have run my own business Daisychain.

Ten years ago my daughters started Street Dance, competing in local, national and international competitions.  As a youngster I danced at the University Ballet School where I was chosen to perform at the Artscape Theatre (then Nico Malan) in various shows including the annual Nutcracker Suite with the Capab Ballet Company .

With my rekindled passion for dance I joined an adult formation team in 2010 at the age of 48. The team Full Circle was coached by Craig Bullock and we went on to beat 20 countries and win gold at the 2011 IDO World Champs in Graz, Austria.

My husband has been in education for the past 20 years and through this I have gained an understanding of how the school system works. Together with my event experience, this knowledge has enabled me to manage the logistics for the Street Dance School Association as National Secretary.

I strongly believe that dance and more especially, street dance can unite kids no matter what age, gender or size – building self-esteem and creating a healthier society in more ways than one.

Together with Craig Bullock  we established the DanceSport School League in 2015 to inspire the youth to put on their sneakers and dance for their school, province and country!

If I can do it – anyone can!




Wayne Jaggard (Treasurer), is a highly qualified professional offering outstanding expertise in all aspects of financial management.

He has a broad knowledge of business environments in Southern Africa, with a track record of enhancing corporate value.

He has had extensive experience in start-up operations, both for profit and not for profit.

He currently holds the position of treasurer at Thomas More College and has headed finance departments of many large Corporates.  Wayne is qualified as a Chartered Accountant and as a Managerial Accountant through the Chartered institute of Management Accountants.

Wayne fully believes in the viability and opportunity that this project has to offer and is committed to getting Street Dance Association where it needs to be.

Darim Da Paixao

Darim Da Paixao

Head of Adjudicators

Dancer, Choreographer and Coach

Masters of Rhythm Finalist 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016.

International Dance Organization (IDO) World Championship Finalist 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015 .

South African Body Of Dance (SABOD) Achievements in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Hip Hop International (HHI) Dance to Las Vegas Finalist 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Founder of 108 Movement dance festival.

Founder of the Artistic Intelligence dance company and dance crew (ranked 5th in the world).

Bounce INC. South Africa Brand Ambassador.

Manager of Dance Web studios Johannesburg.

Worked on numerous competitions, television shows, advertisements, music videos, corporate events, flash mobs.

Paul L Nqambule

Paul L Nqambule

National Head of Coaching

I am a dance coach at DanceWeb studios

I started the Johannesburg-based dance crew, Artistic Intelligence alongside Darim da Paixao,

My imagination and vision go beyond the dance floor – my mission is to change lives and perspectives, in a positive and inspiring manner, through dance.

For the world to be a better place, I believe change begins at root level. The answers to the problems of the world begin with empowering the young and investing in them. My tool, my solution? Dance. 

Accolades include

Brand ambassador for adidas ( 2012-2013)

seeding subject for converse ( cons) 2014

Bounce brand ambassador 

IDO world champion 2009 & 2012