The main objectives of the Street Dance Association are to bring dance into the main-stream sporting arena where dancers are rightfully recognised as athletes. 

Through the Dance Sport School League (DSSL) programme we want to draw on the experience and success of the hockey, rugby and cricket school format, whereby students compete at school, district, regional and provincial events to ultimately achieve the highest honour of representing one’s country.

Street dance is enjoyed by all children; boys or girls, rich or poor, young or old, no matter what their size. 

One only needs a pair of sneakers and they can dance!

Due to this, street dance is accessible to all and most importantly to our disadvantaged communities,

for whom the mainstream sports are inaccessible. 

The SDA is also instrumental in creating work for those wishing to make dance their career though their training of coaches and adjudicators.

We do, however, need the support of the schools and sponsors to make this a success to reach our youth throughout South Africa.

If you would like to get involved please go to our Get Involved page.